The Tinsmith’s Wife focuses on curating an eclectic variety of needlepoint canvases – as well as a growing collection of needlepoint fibers – to make needlepointing so much fun!    In addition to hand-painted canvases, we also carry a great selection of counted canvas patterns from such designers as Kathy Rees and Laura Perrin.

Mom and Dad recently went to the Dallas Needlepoint Market and came back with some tremendous canvases to tempt you!   Here are a few examples…and the fiber collection to stitch with continues to expand!


This beautiful floral comes with a stitch guide – and can come alive with a variety of fibers from Rainbow Gallery!   It is on 13M – and is only $110.   Happiness from MAP Designs!


Kelly Clark loves Texas – and her ornaments share this!   Each of these new guys is on 18M and runs $47.


A new designer for us is Little Bird Designs – totally love this canvas and know it will be fun to find the colors and the stitches to bring this canvas alive!   It is on 18M and is $250.


Last but not least is Stalker – and isn’t he a hoot?   The border begs for a variety of fun stitches – and on 13M, he will come together quickly!   AND there is a great recipe for Cream of Chicken & Vegetable Soup that comes along with the canvas!   $150.