Christmas Time is Here

Oh, Christmastime is here!   Don’t you absolutely love it?!   I sure do – and it is a perfect time to create, create, create…  Just wish I could grow time so that I had more time – but we all wish that.    However, for today – I have a beef stew cooking in the crock pot at home, ready to have hot apple cider in the shop, and having a good feeling on my current projects and their progress!

As I haven’t done a blog in a bit – figured I would natter on about what I am working on….   (Just learned that I have been missing posting the blogs I have written as I missed a little box.  Whoops!)

Over the last two weeks have been having a fun time putting a project of Mom’s together – the Mason Dixon Station Wagon Blanket.   The project is just lovely – just taking a bit to three-needle bind off the panels, which is done, and now to have the attached i-cord all around…   Here is the official Mason Dixon snap – I will post pictures soon of Mom’s.   She knitted it with Cestari Yarn Aran, which is just a lovely yarn.


In between I have been stitching Threadwork Primitives Merry & Bright – such a fun stitch as it is in all one color of silk and fairly large linen…   This the wool trees just make it!


Hoping to then cast-on a sweater – feel the need to knit a garment (or two) in the next couple of months.   Laura Nelkin’s Vindur – just a brilliantly constructed piece.   Hoping to get this knitted before the new year…   Can she do it?!


The Holidays Are Coming – Make!

I love this time of year!   Reasons abound to hunker in and “make”.   To me the making is such joy – making a pie, knitting a sweater, decorating the house, even cleaning the house.   It just feels right to nestle in and make and environment to truly enjoy our homes and families.

Do hope you have a wonderful time creating and making during the holidays!

Speaking of making – currently I am having a blast digging into my stash a bit and stitching up some limited editing goodies that I purchased from With Thy Needle and Thread just last year…    Both project sets create small cross stitch pieces that fit (or nestle) inside a festive votive candle holder.  Brilliant!   One is perfect for Thanksgiving – a small pilgrim who nests inside a turkey!  Gobble Gobble!   The second is Santa and his reindeer fitted into some sparkly red reindeer!   Finished pics to arrive – but until then here are some of my works in progress!

screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-26-06-am screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-8-26-00-am


Fall Arrives. Be Thankful. Be Still.

Our worlds today are so fast paced.  We rush from work to home…rush to the grocery store…rush to get the dry cleaning before they close… rush, rush, rush.  Tonight I am stilling the rush – at least for a bit despite having a list of things to do.   Tonight I have had the pleasure to have a beautiful cat just sit on my lap and purr.   There isn’t much better, right?

I am sorry that it took an dramatic happening for me to stop…   Laurel, our beloved shop kitty, has been diagnosed with sudden blindness.   We aren’t sure what the cause of her blindness is, but our vet noted it isn’t uncommon.  Tonight is her first night home – she is now a house kitty – and we have been working to create an adapted environment for her to thrive in.   And two hours in – she is doing great!  She has mapped the room, had a hefty bowl of food (which she has found four times), and found a snugly spot to rest.

So tonight, the hands have been slowed of needlework and working to slow my mind…   More to come in my new blogging space…  Tonight I am just going to love my cat.


Yipee – Fall’s Changes are Here

Each year in the Fall – it is time for The Tinsmith’s Wife to reflect on the past year and look forward to a new.  As we opened in October this is our natural time – not to mention, I think the pumpkin lattes begin to loosen the brain cells!

One of the first things that that is getting a makeover is our website.  If you are reading this – you have entered our new site.   Congratulations!   What do you think?   Did you get to this spot easily?    We have been blessed in working with J12 Designs who have put together this fresh look, added a few more pages to highlight the various crafts we work in, simplify the events calendar, and allow me a bit of a simpler site to manage.  Personally, I am delighted and will continue to refine the pages to best reflect our shop and where we are today!

Now that I have the new space to blog – you can expect me to write more frequently!  Be prepared!   In fact, I will be heading off to Mesa, Arizona this weekend to attend a wonderful cross stitch event, so I will definitely share pics and details as to what is happening!   Until then….

Hang tight – more to come!